4 reasons to post to Facebook more than once a day

You may not be Nike. Or Mugg & Bean. Or even a brand. But, as a recruiter, you should have an active presence on Facebook. If you’re a recruitment agency – big or small – you should be using a Fan Page to share employment opportunities, to contribute to the industry and to attract potential candidates. And you should be doing so more than once a day.

Here’s why:

1. One-way trips

Around 95-99% of the people won’t return to your page after they’ve liked it. Which means that you can’t expect them to enter your space; you have to enter theirs. The more you post, the more higher the probability of their seeing your content.

2. Short-term updates

Page posts only last for three hours. After that, whatever your update is – it’s invisible. The limited longevity of each update means that few of your fans will see it. You’ll need to update every few hours to increase the number of people who do.

3. Real-time maths

Facebook, like Google, uses boring mathematical equations to determine what shows up in peoples’ news feeds. It decides what is displayed and how high something is on the News Feed. Whenever someone comments on a status or a photo is uploaded to your news feed, it creates an ‘edge.’ Thanks to EdgeRank, your posts will only reach about 16% of your fans, meaning that frequent posts will never be overkill.

4. All-ages apply

Your fans live in different places, are of varied age and aren’t online at the same times. Posting at various stages during the day will ensure that you reach different groups within your fan base.