Great talent is hard to come by. And even harder to keep. That’s why it’s so important to keep your staff motivated. But even with rugged HR systems and policies, there are pesky factors that can cause your golden performers to slide into doing the bare minimum - or leaving.

What are these factors? Have a look at our 4 Workplace Motivation Killers:

1. Toxic co-workers

You know that person who always complains and is forever the victim of some perceived ‘injustice’, no matter how hard you try to help them? Or that person whose every word you take with a pinch of salt because they lie so much? Those people are toxic. And their negativity saps the passion from your otherwise engaged workforce.

But managing this can be tricky. In some cases, these individuals may need to be managed out of the organisation altogether, while in others you may just need to implement policies that alleviate their impact on their co-workers.

2. No appreciation

When hard work goes unrecognised, high performers become uninspired and slump into mediocrity. Or they just leave.

You need to recognise the people who make an extra effort. But you don’t need to spend money to do it. Sometimes all it takes is a simple Thank You or an award like Employee Of The Month. It’s amazing how far creative rewards and recognition programmes can go.

3. No collaboration

Everyone has something to add. So when you treat people like their worth is measured by their job titles, you lose a powerful opportunity for teamwork and business development. And worst of all, you make your employees feel undervalued and apathetic.

4. Bad leadership

There’s nothing as damaging to a workforce than bad leadership. Because it doesn’t just affect one other person – it can affect whole teams. And if bad leadership is common in your organisation (like some governments… Ahem…), then your managers need urgent training.

Your employees are the cogs that make your organisation work. And without motivation, that machine gets slow. Make sure that your workforce is eager and ready to take on the job.