1. For your home: De-clutter, organise and remedy.

Throw out the collection of glass bottles you’ve had gather dust on the windowsill for the last 10 years, put all the books neatly in the bookshelf, change all the blown light bulbs and keep putting everything back in its place when you’re finished with it. Again – it’s not an all-at-once thing. Habits take time. Do it over and over again.

2. For happiness: Make a list of little things that make you happy and do them.

Maybe chatting with your friend on the phone makes you smile. Or flower arranging. Make a list of 20 little activities that make you happy and make a point to do at least one of them every day.

3. Personal development: Stop complaining.

Put an elastic band on your wrist and snap it against your skin every time you find yourself complaining. Negative thoughts lead to negative attitudes, negative vibes and negative behaviours. Make an effort to stay positive instead.

4. For money: Track your spending.

For the next few months, keep a log of all of your spending (or use a tool like 22seven) and see where all your money goes. This will help you to structure your finances and curb unnecessary spending.

5. Time-management: Do one thing at a time.

We know that multi-tasking is not a strength. This year, rather than task-switching, focus on doing one task until it’s finished and only then moving onto the next. You might be surprised by how much more productive you are.

6. For your health: Plan healthy meals and let them guide your shopping.

Convenience is very nice, but it’s not always healthy. Look online for easy, nutritious breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks and make your shopping list based on those. And make sure you eat before you go – you’ll be less tempted to buy the convenient junk food.

7. Your relationships: Learn the five love languages and use them.

If you haven’t yet looked up the five love languages, do it now. It will give you insight into all your relationships (children, friends, family and work colleagues included), not just your intimate ones.

8. Your social life: Don’t even think of passing judgement until you’ve heard both sides of the story.

You know how it feels to be judged. It sucks. Just like when people judge you without knowing the bigger picture, don’t judge others if you don’t know the full story. And remember that you make mistakes too. So be nice.