Using your webcam to communicate with your family in rural Ireland has been a fantastic experience. But now you’re being asked if you can do your next job interview over Skype. Not so fantastic? Eliminate the stress of being on camera by asking yourself a few questions beforehand.

The usual suspects

Firstly, question yourself as if you were going to a live interview:

Are you dressed correctly? Be aware of your appearance. Wear appropriate clothing. Dress yourself entirely. (The interviewer may not be able to see that you’re wearing sweatpants and running shoes but you can - dressing fully will help you prepare psychologically).

Have you done your prep? Know as much as you can about the company, employer and job as you can. Don’t be Google-lazy just because you’re at the computer.

Not So Obvious Culprits

Is that your dog barking? Your pets are distractions – to you and your employer. Kick them out. Muzzle them if necessary. (Yes, that includes ‘Nemo.’ He’s floating suspiciously in the tank behind you).

Have you hired a babysitter? If you have kids, make sure they’re safely out of the way while you’re being interviewed.

Are you a litterbug? Clean the space around you.

On or off? Make sure everything is off. A tip: Close all open windows on your desktop and have only your webcam software running

Are you making eye contact? Looking at your screen is the equivalent of staring at your interviewer’s fly. Look into the actual camera ‘meet’ their eyes.

Are you mute? Webcams can be tricky with volume. Do a test run with a friend a few minutes before your interview.

How’s your posture? Sit up straight! Slouching will make you seem lazy. So will lounging with your feet on the desk.

At the end of the interview you only need to ask yourself one question before resuming life:

Have I ended this call completely?

If you haven’t, your future boss may catch you without pants, frantically trying to rescue a fish.