Watching the early American Idol auditions needs emotional preparation.

You know you’re going to
a) go deaf

b) cringe yourself into the fabric of your couch

c) laugh until your tear ducts run dry or

d) all of the above. Think of video interviews as mini American Idol auditions. Whatever you say and/or do in one of these clips will be reviewed (often) by a potential employer. To best prepare yourself, enter this process as if you were auditioning for a smug British man.
In case you aren’t familiar with video interviewing:

The ‘what

Employers upload a series of questions (similar to ones they might ask in a preliminary interview) to a portal such as {hyperlink here} and invite candidates to answer them. You, the candidate, records answers using a web cam. Simon The employer will review your video as a part of their selection process.

The ‘why’

Video interviewing allows employers to field a number of potential employees far quicker than they would normally.
Phone interviews are ineffective and awkward - video interviews can replace them.

They’re also used to screen candidates for specific characteristics. They’re not looking at the volcanic pimple on your forehead – they’re looking for communication and presentation skills, sales ability and job passion.
This process makes it easy for them to collaborate with their colleagues. (Yes, that means Paula Abdul gets her say too). And finally, they can review the interviews as many times as they need to. (Good if you’re one of the first they see but can’t remember later; bad if you’ve submitted a video of yourself impersonating a whale).

The ‘when’

Now. Get comfortable with the process; it’s likely that you’ll come across it at some point during your next job search.

The ‘where’ The interview process – from start to finish – is a series of auditions. The video interview is your first round. Once you’re through that…it’s on to Vegas. (Baby!).