Traditional recruiting is dead. You know, when you find a job ad, send in a CV and go in for an interview? That. The jobs market today is online, on social media and it relies heavily on the personal brand you’ve developed on various platforms. After all, any recruiter who knows anything will Google you before even contacting you. Is your online brand on track?

Optimising your personal brand isn’t just something you do when you’re job hunting. It grows with you every day. Every post, photo or tweet you share is out there forever. How do you build and maintain your brand on the platforms you use? Here are our tips:


Facebook has the most users of all the social media platforms. It’s no surprise either – for most of us, it was the first platform we ever used. And because of this, it’s usually one of the first places anyone goes to find more info about you. To manage your personal brand on Facebook, take note of the following tips:

Optimise your public space: Anyone on Facebook can see four things on your profile: your profile name, your profile picture, your cover photo, and your custom username/account URL.

o Profile name: Facebook gives you flexibility when it comes to the name you display on your profile page. Make sure the name you use matches your brand – even if it’s a nickname.
o Profile photo: Use a professional-looking photo that you wouldn’t mind potential employers seeing. Go for one where you’re smiling rather than posing too – you’ll come across as more light-hearted and genuine.
o Cover photo: Much like your profile pic, your cover photo is one that speaks to your personal brand. Load one that says great things.
o Username: Your URL is something you can easily add to your business card or email signature. Choose one that’s practical and memorable.

Choose friends wisely: A strong network can do heaps for your personal brand. Import your contacts to grow it as you meet new people.

Privacy settings: Facebook can get personal. Make sure your privacy settings are set to filter the content your friends see from what the public sees.

Update your profile: Facebook gives you a lot of space to tell people who you are. Use this to flesh out the kind of person you are and want to be.


With 320 million users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It delivers bite-sized content that’s easy to consume in our fast-paced lifestyles. Tweets are public and can be seen and shared by anyone though, so it’s important to know how to use them smartly. These are our tips for developing your personal brand on Twitter:

Choose your handle: Your handle is your name in the Twittersphere. It’s how people recognise you in tweets. Choose a handle that’s straightforward, memorable, and connected to your name, blog, company or website. For example, something like @joesmith76294 is not great for a copywriter. But @wordsmithjoe with a blog or website by the same name is better.

Stick to a handle: Your handle is changeable, so if you need to, change it to something great. But be careful not to change it too often. A good brand is consistent.

Follow leaders in your industry: If you want to develop a name for yourself in your industry, you need to know what the big dogs are saying.

Find your voice: Twitter is all about having something to say. Tweet at least once a day and make sure it adds value to people’s lives. Read these tips for creating impactful tweets.

Retweet your stuff: If someone shares a blog post or website of yours, retweet it. It shares your content and builds relationships.

Use trending content and discussions: If you’re just starting out on Twitter, find out what people are interested in and contribute towards the discussion. If it’s something you’re experienced in, you can present yourself as an expert in the field.


Your brain comprehends an image in 13 milliseconds. So it’s no wonder that photos score some of the most interest on social media. And Instagram, a platform all about photos, is fast becoming one of the top social spaces for branding. Here’s how to use it for your brand:

Sharpen your profile: Much like Twitter, it’s important to choose a handle that links to the brand you’re wanting to build, be it your name or the name of a company. Make sure all the information about you is filled in and up-to-date too.

Get organised: There is no ideal time or day of the week that is best to share posts on Instagram. Nor is it important to post all the time. But it’s imperative that you be present and organised. Share a photo every one or two days to keep top-of-mind.

Vary your images: While it’s great for your photos to have a recognisable style and tone, it can get boring if you stick to the same thing. Tell a story with your photos by sharing a mix of images from behind-the-scenes, business, and your personal life.

Use hi-res images: Nobody likes pixelated pics. Use a good camera.

Engage your followers: Social media is all about engaging people. Do this by asking questions in your posts, responding to comments, and using multiple hashtags.

Online, your brand is all you have. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a professional platform that pulled the feeds from all your social media profiles into one personal-branding powerhouse? Oh, hang on. That’s envisionme. Start building your brand now.