What is it about the Obamas that makes them so magnetic? Barack’s farewell address was an hour long, but that didn’t stop millions of us from nodding in agreement, captivated by the entire speech. And Michelle? She’s a sensation all on her own.

Charisma is easy to recognise in others; mostly by your own ga-ga response to them. But what factors make a charismatic person? And can you develop these traits in yourself or is it just something you’re born with? Find out with our 3 Major Characteristics of Charismatic People:

1. Presence

One of the most notable things about a charismatic person is their ability to be fully present. They smile, they show interest (in anyone they come across; no one is ‘beneath’ them), and they get involved. They show us that being genuinely interested in others is what’s magnetic.

2. Confidence

Some people are great communicators when you meet them one-on-one, but as soon as you put them in a group, they start fumbling over their words. Charismatic people don’t have this problem. They’re so secure that they have the same cool nature around everyone they meet.

3. Optimism

Charismatic people are light, positive people. They see the best in others and are enthusiastic about the future. On difficult or contentious topics, you’ll hear them speaking fairly and respectfully, avoiding complaint and being assertive.

While not all of us can or will rise to Obama levels, there are characteristics we can target to be stronger, more capable people. And even if we’re not quite there yet, it doesn’t hurt to work at it until we are.