Are we there yet?’ You said it at least once when you were a kid. Maybe your kids are doing it to you now (cringe). But boredom isn’t limited to the young – some of us are so bored in our jobs, we feel like we could die.

Death by boredom

No jokes. Studies have shown that those who are bored at work are 40% more likely to die earlier than their stimulated counterparts – particularly from cardiovascular-related illnesses or stroke.. So the weekly slog you go through just to get to the weekend? Yep. It’s killing you.

The boredom cure

In any other circumstance, the cure to boredom is changing the scenery. Shaking things up. But at work, that’s not the easiest thing to do – your job (well, for most of us at least) is pretty routine.

It turns out that, unlike the rest of your life, the key to fighting boredom at work is not excitement – it’s finding meaning in what you do.

For instance: A trauma surgeon might not be bored for two reasons.
1. Saving people’s lives is probably pretty exciting stuff.
2. He/she probably feels a huge satisfaction that they’re contributing to society; that their lives and their jobs have purpose.

Finding meaning

It’s all fine and dandy saying, ‘Hey dude, just find meaning in what you do’ – and a completely different thing actually finding it.

Some say it’s about leaning towards the benevolent on the giving/taking scale; doing good stuff for other people. Others say it’s about living a life of gratitude and developing a niche skill (look here for some great tips). But in the end, if none of these things work, perhaps it’s time to make a change. To leap into the unknown.

And isn’t it convenient that is right here to help you do it?