The interviewer wants you to be The One, so they can stop looking.

60 minutes gives you a lot of time to mess up. It can also go horribly wrong – and who needs that? So here’s a quick checklist to read en route…

Do this

Have a positive attitude – If you hear something that doesn’t sound good to you, try not to frown and look disgruntled. Just keep a slight smile on your face until it’s time for you to say something.

Make eye contact – If you’re looking around the room or at the items on the interviewer’s desk, you’ll appear uninterested.

Be aware of your body language – Sit up straight and don't lean on the interviewer’s desk. Try not to fold your arms; even though this may be more comfortable, you can be seen as being hostile or standoffish.

Prepare – Prepare, prepare, prepare. Here’s how:

Don't do this

Fidget – It shows a lack of confidence.

Bite your lips - It gives the impression that you are making things up.

Shrug – Take a second to think of your response. Shrugging your shoulders gives the impression that you do not know the answer.

Nod and shake your head – Use words to answer questions.

If you remember one thing Remember that the person interviewing you is not out to get you. They’re just another human being. Respect them and be polite, yes, but there’s no need to be afraid. Human beings ultimately hire human beings.