Chances are you don’t hate your job. But there are probably little (or maybe not so little) parts of it that gnaw at your would-be-full-and-satisfied ‘my life is awesome’ vibe.

As we all know, there are few jobs about which we love absolutely everything. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who get to follow your dreams, there’s always something in it that kind of sucks. But did you know that doing that crappy work could actually benefit your career?

Here’s how:

Not just dreams

We’re all told to follow our dreams when choosing a career. It’s not terrible advice. But it’s part of a much more complex picture. For example: You won’t become a prolific writer if you only write when some existential energy moves you. To be truly great, you need to be able to write anything at any time. And, in many cases, that means writing the obituaries and the annual reports and whatever it is you don’t like writing – at first. Following your dreams is about creating something tangible. And sometimes that means doing the crappy stuff.

No boundaries

Doing what we like is comforting. It’s safe. It’s really awesome. But stepping outside of your comfort zone challenges you to learn new skills. Who knows? You could be surprised by the incredible computer programming skills you have. It might even make you more money.


If you do the crappy stuff for no other reason, do it because it makes doing the stuff you love so much sweeter. It makes working towards your dreams so much more desirable.

Bottom line? Crappy stuff drives you to achieve.