Day job vs. dream job
Your dream job is the one you think about when you’re at your actual job. It’s the one you wish for when your boss is being too demanding, when your work is boring or when clients are petty.
Your day job is the one you dream about at night – for many, these are commonly known as ‘nightmares’.

Attitude vs. desire
But what if you could actually have your dream job, without leaving your day job? It’s all about attitude. Being caught in an unchanging routine every day will sour your feelings towards your job – but, with a bit of effort, changing the way you think about it could change the way you feel about it.
If you’re reading this at your desk, you’re probably already rolling your eyes – no one likes that HR-ey inspirational stuff. Because it’s impractical.

So here are three practical tips that may help you get there:

1. Chase challenges
Monotony is the enemy. To feel stimulated at work, we need to feel like we’re learning new things; like we’re progressing. This can’t always be up to your boss or company. Sometimes you need to take the initiative: Seek out and ask for challenging work.

2. Study skills
Learning new things is rewarding – professionally and personally. If you’re finding your job boring, it might be because you’ve mastered all the skills necessary to do it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn new ones that will enhance what you already know. Take a course. Teach a course. Mentor someone else. Try new things.

3. Find fun
It takes some effort to force work to be fun, especially if you dislike it, your boss or the people in your office, but if you do, your reward might include new friends and experiences. This would go a long way to take your job from tolerable to enjoyable.
Dream jobs are the ones we’ve had since we were children. Or they’re the ones we see others doing – and loving. But it’s always possible that the dream job you’re looking for is the one that you’re already getting paid to do.

(Note: If not, it’s definitely time to bulk up your profile. Do it now.)