Superwoman has a tough job. Not only is she a crime-fighting superhero by night, but by day she has a secret identity. Her day job is to win some (or all) of the bread; to cook; to stay healthy and fit; and to do occasional grocery shops. She’s incredible.

But how did she become Superwoman in the first place? No one’s entirely sure. What we do know is this: she communicates like a superhero. Especially over email (we’re connected like that). And this means not using defeating language like:

  • Just

Superwoman doesn’t ‘just’ do anything. Her work is valuable, strategic and is conducted with intent.

  • Sorry

Superwoman doesn’t apologise all the time. She’s frikkin’ Superwoman!

  • I think

Superwoman isn’t uncertain about her ideas. She’s direct and deals with the facts.

  • Actually

Superwoman isn’t surprised by her great work. She woke up like this: fantastic. Everything she does was planned that way.

  • I’m no expert

Of course Superwoman doesn’t know everything. No one does. But she sure doesn’t set out to undermine her own opinion before she’s even given it.

  • Does that make sense?

Superwoman’s job is to communicate clearly and concisely. If the reader doesn’t understand, they will say so – there’s no need for her to imply as much.

  • I guess that

What?!? Superwoman? Unsure of herself? Never.

We can’t all look as good as Superwoman in a super suit. But if there’s one thing to learn from her, it’s that superhero status can be achieved over email. Need some help getting there? Try Google Chrome’s Just Not Sorry Gmail plugin.