October is the month of terror. And not just because it’s the time of year when you’re a little cranky, a little overworked, and your boss has noticed your affinity for Facebooking. It’s Halloween too. And that means you might see a few horrifying outfits on the 31st.

In the real world, disturbing visions don’t just arise on Halloween – they happen every day. And some of the most gnaw-your-own-arm-off annoying ones happen in the office.

Take these Top 3 Most Horrific Colleagues, for instance:

1. The toenail clipper

If it was just fingernails, it would be almost okay (you know, except for the flying bits of nail ricocheting onto your desk or into your hair). But this guy actually takes off his shoes and socks so he can clip his stinky toenails in front of you. Gross.

2. The uninvited guest

You know that person who makes herself comfortable at your desk every half an hour for a chat? That fresh pedicure and her mother-in-law’s annoying habits are waaaaaaay more important than actually getting work done. At work. During working hours.

3. The noisy chatter

No one minds the odd chat – you are human. But then there’s the guy whose voice and physical expressions are so loud that no matter what tools you use to find silence, there’s no hope. When he’s around, there is nothing else. Only his massive (distracting) presence.

They’re out there, people. And, unfortunately for some of us, they don’t go away after the trick or treating is over. You know, unless you find your dream job on envisionme. Hint hint.