Job applicants – aware of fierce competition for positions they’re interested in – are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Which is why graphic CVs like these ones (linkto: have been popping up in recruiters’ inboxes. Here’s the thing though: It’s kind of like dotting your ‘i’s with hearts – it might look pretty to you. But to the receiving party it might be pukeworthy.

Before taking a trip down the visual rabbit hole, consider the following:

1. Graphics can be gimmicky
Recruiters are smart. They’re good at reading between the lines and won’t be distracted by visuals. More importantly, they won’t be fooled by flash and bling.
2. CVs should be clean and clear
Your resume isn’t a full biography. It’s an introductory chapter. Recruiters don’t want to search too hard for information about you. Because they have so many CVs to read, they’re mostly scanning and separating them into hot or not piles.
3. Communication is key
Your CV’s purpose is to sell you as the perfect candidate for a specific job. Every aspect of it should communicate this message. In creating a visual CV you run the risk of focusing too much on style and not enough on substance.
4. Graphics can’t hide grammar
According to Bruce Stockler, Global Director of Brand Community at McCann Erickson, the biggest issue with prospective employees’ CVs is mistakes in grammar and spelling. No amount of pretty pictures can cover poor English.
5. Design is for designers
Very few people will be applying for jobs where visual CVs would be appropriate. Creative resumes will work well for those of you applying for jobs in design related industries but for everyone else, they’re unnecessary. Has this burst your bubble? It shouldn’t have. While your CV might not be the best place to go creative crazy, your envisionme profile is. Let your resume be your introductory chapter. Showcase the rest of your story online.