Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and Martin Luther King. They empower us, make us feel good about ourselves and motivate us to be better. They’re some of best leaders of all time. But what is it that makes them so great? And how can we embody them to become better leaders ourselves? Here are our top 3 tips on How to Be a Better Leader:

1. Have a vision and share it

If you want to drive people towards something, you’ve got to know where you’re driving them to. You may not know how to get there at first, but figuring that out is all part of the leadership journey. And the more you share your vision, the more people will get involved to help make it happen.

2. Practise selective listening

Being a great leader isn’t just about bossing people around. It’s about learning. And that means listening more and talking less. But listening isn’t enough on its own – not everyone’s opinion will guide you in the right direction. So you’ve got to learn how to tell the difference between the guidance that will help you achieve your goals and the things that won’t.

3. Communicate effectively

Once you’ve listened and understood, you need to be able to direct. And that means sharing information openly and humbly with people at all levels. You’re only as good as your team, after all. Make it a team that collaborates with patience and respect.

Great leadership isn’t something bestowed on you. It’s something that lives inside of you and grows with you. It’s the thing that connects the humanity in you with the humanity in your team, driving you towards a common goal together. So don’t take this role lightly – you’ve got big shoes to fill.