Age is just a number. Holding a chainsaw. Chasing you up a hill. And even Botox can’t save you. While growing old is inevitable, the new workplace allows people to keep experiences fresh.

More interns over the age of 25 are appearing in the working world.

Some people, like Elizabeth Lonman (link to:, are forced into considering the possibility. Other people make the choice because they’re looking to change careers, follow a new path or escape the ladder they’re stuck on.

The uphill trek

It’s one thing to consider an internship at 25 if you’ve just graduated, but it’s a different story if you’ve been working for a few years. And the older you are, the less likely you are to be open to the idea – especially if it’s an unpaid position.

However, the percentage of jobs open to pre-Google era candidates has climbed from 5% in 1995 to 20% today, according to career-information company Vault Inc.

Leaving the ladder

Whether you’re Generation X or Generation Bieber, the reasons for pursuing an internship remain the same: You’ll learn the skills you need for a position, gain valuable experience and get the opportunity to test the waters of an industry.

The difference? If you’ve already been working, the negatives of an internship will carry more weight.

Taking the lead

If you’re heading in this direction:

• Pick an internship that will give you valuable skills for the long term. • Ignore your pre-conceived ideas about how a career path should progress. • Make a calculated decision based on the circumstances of your life. • Choose a company that sees your experience as an asset.

Experience is the most valuable thing you can have – own it. Use it. Gain more. Use to find new rungs on the career ladder.