The scene
If you’ve seen The Social Network, you’ll know how difficult it is to see actor Jesse Eisenberg as anything other than a colossal jerk. According to RominaPuga, a video reporter for Univision News, that’s because he is one.

She spoke with him while he promoted his movie Now You See Me and afterwards claimed that he’d humiliated her in a “self-esteem butchering” interview.
The result
It’s an awkward 5 minutes, but it reveals a lot about the interaction between interviewer and interviewee. The interview only starts getting weird after her first question where she asks Eisenberg to debunk a (silly) magic trick and tells him his thumbs are fat. It’s downhill from there. By the end, Romina looks like she might cry.

The explanation
Interviews are as much about chemistry as they are about the questions being asked. Each party will react to the way they feel they’re being treated. So if an interviewee feels like they’re being attacked or insulted, their answers and behaviour will reflect it.

The lesson
If you’re the one conducting an interview, be aware of what you could be doing to cause the opposite party to behave a certain way. Be neutral but natural. And if you’re the interviewee – keep your feelings out of the answers you’re giving.

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