The world is changing fast. Next thing you’ll blink and we’ll be eating 3D printed food and teleporting to work (there goes the traffic excuse). The working world is changing too, now that more and more of our everyday lives are based on digital interactions.

With the continuous influx of technological developments, this new world is getting pretty competitive too. It isn’t as simple as getting an education and landing a job – you have to stand out. And a regular hard-copy CV just doesn’t cut it. Not to mention the fact that creating a traditional CV is a laborious task that takes too much time in a fast-paced world.

The social resume

To adjust, job-seekers are getting innovative. And one of the ways they’re doing this is with a social resume. That is, a CV built on an online/social media-based platform.

It makes sense too. Think how much time you already spend on social media – the next logical step would be to move your job-seeking strategy there too. And recruiters spend so much time checking you out on social media … why not use it to your advantage?

The living resume

By going social, you can turn your CV from the drudgery that it once was, to an everyday, living resume. It’s pretty easy to maintain too. Pinterest boards are one way of doing it. Just pin some of your best projects up on your board (and keep on pinning) and there it is!

Your online social portfolio.

You can also create a Facebook CV. Here you can share your work without “spamming” your everyday friends, and get comments/recommendations from work colleagues. Not to mention the resume-like timeline structure – why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?

Social CV benefits

Having your own social CV isn’t just fun and convenient. It’s also really good for business.

For instance: You can keep a link to your social resume in your email signature. That way anyone who sees an email from you can take a look at your work – plus they’ll know how to contact you. There’s no telling who’ll pick up on the amazing work that you do.

And then… there’s envisionme: a living mash-up of social media, multimedia and your online CV. It’s a place where you can do it all. Your envisionme profile gives you the tools to:

• Record a profile video telling prospective employers who you are#####
• Upload recommendations in multiple formats, including audio, video, image or text
• Link your envisionme profile to your other social media platforms#####
• Leverage an international network of companies and contacts and#####
• Define your degree of searchability to interested recruiters and others.

And it’s not even difficult to do… you just need to register. Take the tour to find out more.