Finding a job isn’t like buying a loaf of bread – it’s a total pain. Especially if you’re a fresh graduate. You can send your CV to 100 companies and not get a single response – it’s very disheartening. So what do you do to catch people’s attention? You break the rules.

The train station CV strategy

Alfred Ajani, a marketing graduate in England, was unemployed and struggling to get responses the usual way. So he stood in the middle of a large train station in London and held up a sign that read “Marketing Graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) – Ask for a CV.”

Although unorthodox, this job-seeking strategy not only attracted significant attention, but it also landed him a job as the Marketing and PR Projects Manager at a growing recruiting company. His train station days didn’t end there, however. Shortly after joining the company, he went back to his position on the railway platform – this time to do the hiring!

Unusual get-a-job strategies

This is just one example of some of the outrageous ways in which people are trying to find jobs – but it certainly doesn’t end there. Some other strategies are:

A grand display:

Nothing is more noticeable than a giant sign saying ‘Hire me’. And we don’t mean, just like the railway guy. We mean billboard style. There are a number of cases in which people have published their job on a billboard on the side of a highway. A woman in the US even used Christmas lights to spell out her resume on the side of her house!

Post a Google ad:

We’re not joking. One guy structured his ad so that when a selection of top execs at his preferred firms Googled themselves, his advert (and a link to his website) showed up at the top, saying, “Hey, [name of top exec]. Googling yourself is really fun. Hiring me is fun too.”

Make a video:

Graeme Anthony, a PR and social media consultant, created a series of short videos to cover each of the sections that would have been on his regular CV. He then linked them together and posted them on YouTube; sending the link to his intro video to prospective employers via email. He received so many offers that he decided to freelance instead.

Job-seeking is changing

Finding a job is a lot harder than it was 20 years ago – but it’s also a lot more fun. From Google ads to offering a prize to the person who finds you a job, it’s about using the tools you have and finding ways to demonstrate your skills in memorable ways.