The early bird catches the worm. Or so some morning people say… It was probably early birds who decided that a regular work day should start first thing in the morning. And they probably made that all-important decision at an early meeting.

Somehow, night owls have managed to get the short end of the working-world stick. You know, despite the fact that studies have shown late risers to be smarter, more creative, and more capable of concentrating for longer periods of time than early risers…?

Either way, if mornings aren’t your thing, you need these 3 Night Owl Early Morning Tips:

  1. Look after yourself. Really.

You know you don’t function well in the morning. You need sleep. So schedule it. Set an alarm for a reasonable time to go to bed and follow it. It may not be easy, but your body will catch up. There are even apps to monitor REM sleep and wake you up at the optimal time.

  1. Prep everything beforehand.

And we mean everything. From your outfit to the teabag in your mug and the automatic emails that must go out at 8am. Get it ready the night before when you can still think straight.

  1. Make a plan with the boss.

Working hours are getting more and more flexible. Chat to your manager. If he knows you get your best work done at 2am and can’t stomach so much as a ‘hello’ at 8am, maybe he’d be open to you coming in later? It’s worth a try anyway. Even an hour’s flexibility will help.

One way or another, late risers have to get used to the fact that early mornings are the norm. Being a night owl may mean you’re brilliant, but it doesn’t make it easy. Now, go to sleep.