Step into an interview and all common sense goes out the window. You’re not the smart, resourceful person you know yourself to be – you’re Rain Man. Only without the maths skills. Or Tom Cruise for a brother. But getting good at anything needs practice. Practice you can’t risk getting in the actual interview. So how do you improve? By playing games.

Game-playing isn’t just for kids and geeks anymore. In today’s world, it can be a powerful tool for developing skills, predicting future performance, and even revolutionising corporate recruitment. These are some of the games that might benefit you in your ‘real life’:

Interview Challenge

Interview Challenge is a board game that teaches its players some of the important skills for successful interviewing. It also goes through some typical interview questions and how to answer them. Nifty, eh?

Your online interview

Not a board games kind of guy? There are some online interview games available too. Like Nail the Interview or My Interview Simulator. They cover the basics, like a good handshake, good responses to some common interview questions and even a simulated interview scenario for you to test-drive your new skills.

A little game of Snap

Are you a fast learner? Knack will spot it. They’re using the power of computer games (and some clever algorithms) to match people to jobs. All you do is play some of their games and the computer calculates your abilities, from practicality to agility, open-mindedness, and problem-solving capabilities.

Used in the right way, games change the world. Who knows, you could even go from Rain Man to Prince Charming? It’s all about practice. Stop messing around – get your game on.