If you’ve come out tops in the war for talent, it makes sense to do what you must to keep the workers working and wanting to stay on your team. This is why perks are pertinent. And why you need to know what keeps staff staying and what perks they don’t find all that perky.

5 perks your company should practise

1. PAs for everyone

A human is a human is a human. We’re all entitled to some equality. The big boss has laundry to collect. Well, so does the accountant (who has four kids under six and no help).

Clever (and respectful) companies are offering their staff concierge services that will do everything from returning library books to picking up medication. This service benefits the company too, because staff spend less time running around and more time at the office.

2. Because you’re worth it

So, you think John in HR is not being recognised for being a dedicated hard worker? Well, why don’t you give your colleague a bonus? Seriously.

Companies are letting employees determine bonuses for each other. The awards are made anonymously, so there’s no trading. And the biggest bonus of all is that it levels the playing field.

It makes sense for the people who can see the work being done to be able to reward the people who are doing it.

3. The corporate lattice

The idea of a rigid stalk snapping in the wind, while the flexible branch sways, applies directly to the corporate ladder. Rigid is history. When things change, it isn’t rational to expect employees to go along with it. If you do, you’re going to lose top talent, fast.

Instead, incorporate the more malleable lattice structure and employees will stay because they will always feel like they have options and like you care to keep them. It’s a win-win.

4. You’re free to go

To say that people don’t thrive when they feel trapped is an understatement. It’s no surprise then that the best thing you can do to keep your staff is trust them to make their own decisions and manage their own time.

This means no time sheets and not counting vacation days. Of all the perks, this one has proved the most valuable because staff members become a lot more productive when you treat them like the adults they are and let them manage themselves.