Finding the right candidate is no easy feat.

With tens (and possibly hundreds) of CVs to sift through, it’s time-consuming too. There are so many applicants that don’t match your spec,that you wonder why some people even bothered to apply in the first place.

But that’s before envisionme came along.

Shortlisting made easy

As a recruiter using envisionme, finding the right match for your job spec is a lot easier.

Here’s why:

1. Suggested candidates

The easiest way to find candidates who are the best match for your role is to click on your open role. Once it’s opened up on your screen, you’ll see a list of suggested candidates in the panel to your right. These candidates are flagged in our database as being on the job market and will be a guaranteed 85%+ match to your requirements. Shortlist: check!

2. Finding more talent

If our suggested candidates aren’t suitable, you can find more talent by clicking on the Find more talent button below our suggested candidate list. These job-seekers match your requirements up to 85%.

You can customise this list by using the filters on the left, which give you the option to search by location, BEE status, qualification, skills and more.

Your purple squirrels are out there. And envisionme’s quick search function just made it a whole lot easier to find them.