Extroverts everywhere
The modern workplace is an extrovert’s paradise. Open plan office spaces are supposed to increase collaboration and communication. Great for extroverts competing in the Office Idols. Not so great for introverts who do their best work in quieter spaces. If you’re an introvert, you’ll need to learn to navigate the noise so that you can produce your best work – without throttling your loud-mouthed co-workers.
Strength training
Introverts need to be aware of their personal strengths to use them to their advantage. The strengths of an introvert include the ability to connect with people one-on-one. They also develop meaningful bonds with co-workers and are excellent listeners.
Loud listening
Because introverts are inclined to be quiet, people often assume that they aren’t listening. The truth is that they’re paying attention to everything but are thinking things through before saying anything. As a result, they are able to process information on a deeper level and suggest inventive solutions to problems.
Being aware of their strengths will allow introverts to use them to their advantage. But it doesn’t matter if you’re the strongest monkey in the tree: If all the other monkeys are throwing food at each other, you’ll be overwhelmed.
Here are some tips to help an introvert survive the mayhem:

Say something


Find out

Meet with

Try finding

Set aside

Introverts are creative and able to express themselves in myriad ways. Envisionme gives you the chance to show off your inner brilliance – without joining the monkeys.