Sometimes it seems like the only way to get a job is to promise the soul of your first born in exchange. The list of things recruiters and employers require from candidates keeps growing. It’s no longer enough to be highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable – you also need to have strong soft skills. Hard skills are gained through education. Soft skills are the things that make up your personality.

The statistics According to a survey by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), 67% of HR managers said that they would hire an applicant with soft skills whose technical abilities were lacking. Only 9% would hire someone with strong technical expertise but weak interpersonal skills.

Recruiters and employers indicate that the most important soft skills are: 1. Organisational skills (87%); 2. Verbal communication (81%);, 3. Teamwork and collaboration (78%); 4. Problem-solving (60%); 5. Tact and diplomacy (59%); 6. Business writing (48%), and 7. Analytical skills (45%).
Upskill your soft skills It might seem easier to grow your technical skills, but it’s possible for you to improve your soft skills.

Here’s how: Developing your communication skills
It’s important to be able to communicate well in writing and in conversation. Take note of how people feel when they’re talking with you. Make eye contact and watch your body language. Take writing and public speaking courses.

Growing your ability to listen
Being a good listener will show employers that you’re attentive and can take instructions well. To demonstrate that you’re interested and focused, paraphrase what the other person is saying and ask them questions. Never interrupt them.

Building relationships at work
Employers want to know that your interpersonal skills are strong because it shows them that you’re a team player. Build friendships with your co-workers. Avoid addressing problems with a person in public. Network with people in your industry.

Becoming a leader
Showing that you’re able to take charge will be good for your future career. Some people are born leaders. Others need to learn leadership abilities. Observe your boss – take note of what they do well and apply it to work you do in a team. Set a positive example.
It’s pretty basic: Use the strongest aspects of your personality to your advantage. An envisionme profile is a great way to demonstrate your technical and soft skills.