There are a few things you never talk about at the office. The naked yoga classes you attend on Fridays at the ‘Nudist Temple of Oneness’. The small spiritual group you’re part of that believes that the Duke of Edinburgh is a divine being. Your belly-button fluff fetish.

And of course, you never talk about sex.

As taboo as it is, research has shown that sex is actually a good predictor of career success. Yup – we said it. Read it again: Having sex could be good for your career. So we figured, in this case, it was a good enough excuse to break the rules.

More Sex = More Money

According to a study conducted by the Institute for the Study of Labor, “employees having sex more than four times a week receive statistically significant highest wages.” They found that this is especially so for people (of all sexual orientations) between 26 and 50.

The correlation is said to be linked to better decision-making thanks to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

More Sex = Better Health

Sex is good for your health – but how good? First, we know it’s a great stress reliever. And less stress means a clearer mind, warmer work relationships and smarter decisions.

But what might surprise you is that regular sex can make you look younger in some cases, even prolong your life! And that means fewer sick days and of course, an unfair advantage on the looks side.

More Sex = Productivity

Thanks to lower stress levels and better general health, regular sex also increases your productivity. Furthermore, sex causes your body to release Oxytocin – a hormone that helps relieve pain. So say goodbye to office headaches.

Sex is fun. But based on what studies have shown, it’s not just the sex itself that’s great, but everything else that comes with it too. And luckily for those getting some, that’s pretty great for your career.