Man is not who or what he was millions of years ago - and neither should you be the same job-seeker you were five years ago.

You make progress when you refuse to stagnate and are constantly evolving into a smarter, sharper, keener being. Evolution is cruel in that it doesn’t wait for you to understand it or make your peace with it. You have two choices: either keep abreast of what’s going on or suffer relegation to the career-challenged sub-species.

Four ways to modernise your job search:

  1. Understand that digital image is king. When a search is launched for someone with your talents and experience, your profile needs to come up in ‘MD’ – a multidimensional representation of your professional worth. Not ape-like and flat-faced. (How updated and how ‘wow’ is your profile?)

  2. The crouching position is passé. Stand erect in your job search; dare to leave the comfort of the ground because to stay there is to greatly limit your view of your career possibilities. Stand up - you have nothing to lose but the crick in your back and the calluses on your knuckles.

  3. Make your accomplishments public knowledge. There is nothing noble about dragging your kill back to the cave – potential employers need to know you are the one who wrote the winning copy or landed the key account.

  4. Don’t underestimate the power of networking. That’s one thing that worked back in Neanderthal times and still does now – telling someone that ‘so-and-so can do it’. Draw on your inherent hunter-gatherer skills and build up an impressive network of contacts. Attend 27dinners( and don’t take the corner seat. People impact each other most powerfully in person so abandon the comfort of an exclusive online presence. You should have a strong presence via tweet-ups, forums and the like - but you also should regularly expose yourself to movers and shakers by attending industry cocktails events, expos and seminars.

Keep it modern and stay alert enough to catch early movements in your chosen target market. The more prepared you are for where your targets are going, the greater the likelihood of hitting them.

You need to be standing erect to aim properly, you need full mobility and you will have to use precision tools. None of that is possible sitting in the cave of obsolescence.