Facebook is a distraction. It’s the vacuum you get sucked into where all space and time dissolves into nothingness and there is only that one more cat video. Unless you’re a recruiter whose organisation in concerned with the marketing industry… in which case, ‘social’ could serve as your new MBA. The value of social media marketing Statistics show Asia and Africa have the highest percentage of growth in internet usage, with analysts predicting massive social media growth in these areas over the next few years. This means Africa’s social media sector is growing – fast. And it can offer some pretty impressive rewards to those that tap into it. For instance, research shows that by investing 6 hours a week or more in social media marketing, businesses across the world have noted:

  1. Improved sales
  2. Increased exposure
  3. Growing business partnerships
  4. Generated leads
  5. Reduced marketing expenses
  6. Improved search rankings
  7. Increased traffic
  8. Marketplace insight
  9. Developed loyal fans

Here’s a cool real-world example… In some cases, entire organisations can be built on successful social media management. Look at the Facebook page I fing love science (IFLS), for instance. In its first six months, IFLS grew to over a million likes, and today has over 13 million followers. Elise Andrew, the creator and manager of the IFLS Facebook page, now runs a website by the same name and is scheduled to start a television show later this year. *And this is only the beginning. Social media marketing trends in 2014 As a recruiter in the marketing industry, social media management skills are tomorrow’s gold. But it isn’t just about cat videos. So what is it about? What’s happening in this evolving world and how can you learn? The top 5 platforms of 2013 were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and YouTube. Content also continues to be vital, with an increasing interest in podcasts. Images on Facebook are liked two times more than text-based posts and this is growing the interest in image-based social sites like Instagram and Pinterest. (Not to mention envisionme.co.za.) There are loads of social media management training courses available online.

Try some of these tips to get you started:

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  2. How the most successful brands dominate Instagram and you can too
  3. How to properly use hashtags in your social media marketing
  4. These 7 tips will supercharge your social media marketing Have fun, and play nicely.