Recruiting is all about finding the best candidate for the job. But how, short of streaking through a soccer match with a “We’re hiring” sign, do you get the best people to apply when they aren’t actively looking? How do you even know where to find them? You start by dangling our 3 Top Carrots for Getting Passive Candidates’ Attention:

1. Make it fun

You know which jobs are the best? The fun ones. That’s why Uber’s shaking up recruitment with a mobile game called UberDRIVE. It uses Google Maps to simulate what it’s like to be an Uber driver. Not only is it a fun way to get passive candidates interested, but it also serves as a training opportunity for existing drivers.

Not in a position to make a mobile game? That’s okay. There are other ways to make recruiting fun. Just don’t be afraid to break away from the norm.

2. Speak out

The social world is online – so go there. Start a blog. Say cool stuff about your industry on your company’s Twitter account. Share pictures and articles on a Facebook page. Get online and position yourself as an expert in the field. The right people will find you – or at least, know where you are when they start thinking about changing lanes!

3. Post big

Ditch the individual job posting and go big. Whole project big. Write something like ‘Want to design the new BMW 6-series?’ and share it on social media through your envisionme account. Then get applicants to submit a video of the skills they can add to the project. Fun, social, and likely to attract interesting candidates.

Getting passive candidates to come to you is all about magnetism. You won’t always find them, so making your company attractive to the right people is vital. And that means dangling the right carrots.