You went to the best university in the country and you’re a qualified rocket scientist. Okay, not you? Maybe you didn’t get the most superlative education money could buy, but you’ve got a lot of spunk, a ton of drive, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.

Whoever you are, Universum Global’s 2020 Outlook Survey shows that hiring managers across the world are looking for very specific things in their candidates. Six things, in fact. And some, more important than others. These were the results, in order of importance:

6. A degree from a specific university

Back in the day, where your degree came from mattered more than it does today. For certain qualifications and degrees, there might still be an impact (an MBA from Harvard Business School is pretty impressive), but the stats say that this is the least important thing.

5. Proven leadership experience

Everybody has to start somewhere. And it seems employers are realising this more and more. The fact that you haven’t led a team doesn’t mean you’re not leadership potential.

4. A good culture fit for the company

What’s most surprising about this point is that it’s ranked higher than the bottom two. It seems that, in today’s pervasively social world, being the right culture fit for a much larger international team is an important factor when hiring.

3. Really good communication skills

It makes sense that, in partnership with a good culture fit, companies are looking for candidates who communicate well. The world isn’t as big as it used to be. So we’re communicating with more people across broader platforms using social-based technology.

2. Your individual personality profile

We’ve come so far since the 1950s. Back then, your qualification was everything. But now? Hiring managers across the world have higher regard for you as an individual. It seems that, now, more than ever, being yourself is one of your most valuable assets.

1. Your prior work experience

It had to boil down to basics somewhere. You can’t walk into a job in an accounts department without knowing a thing or two about balancing the books. So, while your sparkling personality counts a lot these days, Universum Global says there’s nothing more valuable on your CV than merit. In other words? You need to prove yourself, baby!

Haven’t got it all? No one does, really (unless you’re Chuck Norris). But it’s good to know that, while some things carry more weight than others, there’s a whole lot more for you to work with in today’s world. And hiring managers are noticing.