Just because the jasmine’s out and the hay fever’s setting in, doesn’t mean your bad work habits have changed. You’re still as distracted and overwhelmed by your workload as you were in winter. Except, this time of year is about beginnings (and endings), so we’re sharing 3 Productivity-Killers to Kill this Summer:

1. Aimless meetings

You can spend a day bouncing from meeting to meeting, without getting a single real thing done. And while meeting face-to-face does have its merits, it needs to have direction.

Avoid all meetings that are not:

  • Clearly defined in an agenda
  • Scheduled with a reliable start and end time
  • Prepared for by the attendees (including you)

2. Failing to prioritise

Work gets busy. You’ll work diligently on one task, only to be thrown five others at the same time. A juggling act of note. But don’t lose your focus. Prioritise. And this means:

  • Don’t ‘multi-task’. Chances are, you can’t even do it anyway. Finish one task at a time.
  • Batch tasks together. Certain tasks require similar mind sets. Get them all done while you’re in the zone.
  • Manage email. Don’t read every mail as it comes in. Schedule a send/receive once every hour.

3. Not having a routine

Good habits are created with routine. And that means working in the same place at regular times – not at the last minute or only when inspiration strikes. Working only when you feel like it will leave you yo-yoing between last-minute panic and aimless distraction.

Summer’s here. Put some heat into your habits and get productive.