Because a multi-faceted life is an investment into your career. Seriously.

Work is a powerful expression of life; a gripping engagement with living. Rightly done, it can be liberating. But freelancers, newbies, trainers, managers, most career individuals run the risk of over-investing in work and compromising on ‘self’. This makes them less – not more – productive.

We believe that work-life balance is about more than ‘finding me-time’ and ‘making space’ for hobbies and interests. It’s a much harder thing to achieve than those clichés suggest. So here are a couple of things to think about:

Paradigm Shifts

Stephen Covey knows it when he says, ‘The way we look at the problems, is the problem’. It’s about reimagining holistic productivity.

Shift One – Being a balanced individual, with a satisfying outside-of-work life, translates into being a better worker. So nourishing your personal life is actually an investment into your career.

Shift Two – Every company, business, brand and boss wants you to give only your best. But, when you and Humpty all-fall-down, no one will thank you. So manage your boundaries.

Shift Three – Society, somewhere along the line, entrenched in us the idea that only the stressed, busy and overworked are successful. Wrong. So accept that you can achieve without bankrupting your free time, wellbeing and relationships.

Six Steps for Balance

Every Yes is a No to something else…

  1. Practice saying No.
  2. Set life goals: leisure, pleasure, health, family, friends and spiritual development.
  3. Track everything you do in a week – hours of sport, leisure, work, etc.
  4. Remember that socialising is networking. This means that you’re adding value to your relationships and to your career and industry.
  5. Learn to live with your to-do list. It’s here to stay.
  6. Build downtime into your schedule.
  7. Bolster your networks: employees to cover for you, family to step in for you.