Treating your CV like a diary is a critical error.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but your CV is about your potential employer. It’s not about what you want, need or feel you deserve.

Yes, those things are important, and they have their place. But your CV isn’t it.

Why it’s about them

Chances are, yours is one of many CVs that a potential employer has to wade through. If your CV reads like Bridget Jones’ diary, it’s more likely to get tossed than read.

Your CV needs to tell a potential employer what you can do for them, why and how. Simple.

Hold out on sharing interesting facts about yourself until the interview. And even then, only share if you’re asked. Now is the time to hold back on the “In my wildest dreams I am a…” and “I’m looking for x, y and z out of life…” statements.

What to do about it

When it comes to your CV, tell the prospective employer why you’d be an awesome catch, use your credentials to back yourself up, and leave it at that.

Less is more when it comes to sharing unnecessary history, like: “This one time, I worked in a bar in Ireland for two months.”

Stick to the facts and write with your prospective employer’s needs in mind. An extra tip is to use the keywords provided in the actual job ad.

Writing for the reader

Writing with the reader in mind makes you more likely to satisfy the questions that they’ll have running through their minds while they’re reading your CV.

Try putting yourself in their shoes. Then answer the what, when and how of why you’re the person they need. And when you’ve done that, stop writing.

A final word

Write your CV about what your future employee needs. That way, you’ll come across as the answer to all their prayers.

Keep it short, smart and simple.Create your knockout CV on today.