You know how it goes when you’re on the job-market.

First, you trudge through your computer files and dig out the last CV you put together. Then, you add in the new stuff, maybe tweak it a bit to make it read better, and save it as the latest version in that file full of CVs dating back to the invention of the PC.

After that, you email a copy, with your cover letter, to a prospective employer whose job offer you found goodness-knows-where. And that’s it. It’s just a CV in a single email to one company. And you have to do the same thing over again for the next job opening.

A new way of job hunting

What if you didn’t have to do that? What if your CV was always in one place, connected to all your online brands, keeping up-to-date with your latest developments? And, better yet, what if all the jobs were there too? Imagine no more, because that’s your envisionme profile.

A living, breathing resume

With envisionme, you have a flexible, living resume for life. Your profile is safe in the cloud (no more CV file), it’s easily adaptable and it’s always accessible to potential employers. Add in videos, voice-recorded references, and supporting documents too, if you like. And to bolster your personal brand, it can even pull in the feed from your social media accounts.

A platform to rule them all

If it’s convenience you want, envisionme’s got the best jobs too. Being owned by Adcorp, SA’s largest recruitment group, we’ve ensured that. So, when you’ve found the job on our site, all you need to do is click ‘apply’.

envisionme isn’t just another jobs portal. We’re driving innovation, automating the recruitment process and giving you the cutting-edge tools to be your most creative, spirited, multi-dimensional self. Try us on for size. Sign up and create your profile now.