Have you ever left a job interview thinking, ‘Over my dead body’? It happens. And it’s usually because the culture is a single shade of grey, the paperwork is endless, and there are so many rules you can’t go to the toilet without getting approval from management first.

Of course, if you’re a recruiter, this is the last thing you want a great candidate to feel after an interview. Your company needs to be the refuge; the haven where the best talent goes to find their dream job. There’s no room for anything less. So, how do you turn your recruitment strategy into a leading talent magnet? With these 3 tips from envisionme.co.za:

1. Conduct a culture audit.

Your company needs to rock right from the word GO. So take a look at it from an outsider’s perspective. Ask questions like: What sort of language are we using? How appealing is our website? How do we communicate? Are we appealing to people in the right age groups? Find any weak points you might have and work with management to fix them.

2. Use alternative media.

A regular job posting on a regular career site won’t differentiate your company from any other. Try creating a video or a podcast instead – this will grab attention, not just because it’s different but also because it’s stimulating. Exactly the kind of impression you want to give a great candidate.

3. Use social media.

Everyone’s saying it, and there’s a reason. Social media is one of the best ways to grab top talent. Start by sharing interesting articles and asserting your brand as an expert in the industry. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion on topical subjects in the field and to share your vacancies online. You can even use social media to headhunt top recruits.

It’s time for some honest evaluation: How is your recruitment strategy different to your competitors’? Are your candidates getting the best impression of your brand? It’s a tough market out there. To get the best people on your team, you have to stand out.